Al-Hikmah Center was established in 2007 in the City of Toronto, as a pioneer in Islamic science and education & in the teaching of the Quran and the Sharia sciences, from which the Dar-al-Quran and the Al-Hikmah Center for Islamic Studies emerged. Within short span of time, the Centre became one of the most important propagation centre in North America. A large number of students from all sectors of the Muslim society graduated from it. The Centre was characterized by the moderate methodology and practice according to the book and year’s curriculum.

As the Centre places all its potential in the service of the Umma, spreading the message of Islam, providing the Muslim community with qualified Hufaz and advocates to Allah and preparing the Muslim individual with Islamic knowledge and ethics, it has developed a plan for development, innovation and creativity in its programs, which relies on learning & teaching strategies to improve the Centre’s vision.


Aligning Muslims to the book of Allah and to facilitate its memorization.

Preparation of students of knowledge specialized in Islamic law and civilization.

Learning and teaching Islam from its established source from the people of knowledge and those who follow them and building the personality of the Muslim associated with his or her Islamic faith.

Development of students of knowledge specialized in Islamic education, supporting mosques and Daawa centres.

Our Vision

The Centre to be a distinguished & leader in Islamic education and culture that contributes to the service of society and the restoration of the Umma’s glory.

Our Message

Educational, research and service institution, fostering innovation and providing society with qualified students to teach the Quranic education and the Principles of Sharia.

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